Once Upon a Time I Dreamed I Was A Dinosaur Swimming Backwards, 2016

Yolande Snaith's "Once I Dreamed I Was Dinasour Swimming Backwards" from Loren Robertson Productions on Vimeo.

Yolande Snaith – Dance, Performance, Text and Visual Design
Ryan Welsh – Sound composition

Once I Dreamed I Was a Dinosaur Swimming Backwards constructs an imaginal space where the living body and inanimate objects invite multiple projections and possibilities, whilst simultaneously bringing intrinsic histories and truths into the present. I am interested in creating a world where the personal and the universal hold hands, where meaningfulness and meaninglessness collide, where fantasy and reality converse, where the unseen stories etched into the skin of things are revealed, where the body brings its life story to every action, with and without intention. – Yolande Snaith