Make Your Own Mozart, 2015

“Make Your Own Mozart” by Ryan Welsh and Grady Kestler

Commissioned for the Mozart and the Mind Symposium presented by Mainly Mozart

“Make your own Mozart” is an interactive, audio-visual installation piece designed to appeal to people of all ages. Our intent in creating this installation was to provide an elegant, physical interaction between participants’ movements and the well-known Mozart sonata in C-Major, K545. The piece is inspired by Mozart’s own musical games, Musicalisches W├╝rfelspiel, K516. The images below depict the initial installation space and describe the interactive and technological elements involved. Max/MSP was utilized to run the installation and sync across multiple networked computers.

MYOM 4 1

The interactive surface was projected onto the floor. A simple, webcam was mounted overhead and provided a live-feed to video tracking. When the objects projected onto the floor collided with one another, it triggered a sample of a piano note.

MYOM 57 1

MYOM 58 1

MYOM 59 1

MYOM 60 1

MYOM 61 1

MYOM 62 1

MYOM 70 1

After interacting with the projection surface, a complete rendering of the new musical score was displayed using Qualcom Institute’s VROOM technology. The 32 HD TV screens, edge-to-edge provided a compelling visual result. A playhead tracked across the screen and a new version of Mozart’s Sonata could be heard. After this, the installation would revert back to the original Mozart and allow another interaction and another score.

MYOM 136 1

MYOM 111 1